Friday, November 30, 2012

Editor Land of Awesomeville

Interesting fact about myself: I have off the charts dorkability.

*takes a bow*

Thank you.  I work hard at it. 

Regardless, I got to talk to a real, live and breathing editor today (which is something noteworthy).  For a struggling writer, talking face to face to a person who has actual connections that can get your book published is something like an out of body experience.  For a writer, the Agent and Editor are the two people high on the pedestal of unattainable awesomeness. For us writers, the Agent/Editor lives a charmed life that glitters with suave coolness and killer skills.

What was my editor like?  Totally normal.

We video chatted, which was a really good thing.  My hands were that nasty level of cold, nervous clamminess that can turn a firm handshake into a gross fest.  Within the first minute, Ms. Editor had me completely at ease and my brain cranking on fresh ideas.  She had great advice, an excellent critique and praise.  It was so cool on so many levels.

My contribution was.... uh.  Well...

In a nutshell, I kind of kersplatted.  Like I said, my dorkability was off the charts today.  I have a tendency to ramble and I OH SO OBVIOUSLY did not know as much about writing Romance as I thought I did.  THAT was apparent right off the bat.  My novel needs help.  As in life vest chucked out for a man having a heart attack in the middle of a raging storm, kind of help.  My mental thought process kept on being interrupted by my inner voice having an argument: 

Yes, you can do this.  No, you can't.  Shut up, yes you can.  Dream on, babe.  No, YOU dream on.

Yeah, my head space is a great place.  Totally hostile in a loving sort of way.  Anyway, regardless of my brain fights, I find myself hot and ready to dig in to my next novel.  Head spinning and self doubts aside.  Why?

Ms. Editor's parting words were:  You've got MAD writing skills, girl!

I think I like this lady.  We're going to get along just great.

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  1. It's a beyond cool feeling and I am so happy for you. You will rock this. xoxo