Sunday, December 2, 2012

What's your flavor?

I was asked today if I preferred hot and spicy Mexican or liked Lemon pepper better.  My gut response was, "I'm a Butter and Salt kind of gal."

Butter and salt.

It got me thinking.  It's not a bad thing to be butter and salt. Butter and Salt are the basics.  According to Julia Child, any food can be made better with a bit of butter.  Butter adds richness, texture and comfort.  Honestly, my favorite comfort foods have a fair bit of butter in them (mashed potatoes come to mind).  Butter is your best friend and loyal compatriot.  Butter sticks with you (literally) through thick and thin.  And, most importantly, it's yellow and there is no color out there that puts off a cheerful glow like a lovely shade of butter yellow.

Salt, on the other hand, is universal.  It spans oceans and continents.  It goes with almost everything and enhances flavor like no other spice can.  It preserves, tenderizes, grows and disintegrates. It is an amazing crystal that can last over ages of time.

All human kind is a mixture of butter and salt.  It may be buried deep, hidden or thrown out in the garbage, but it's there.  What we do with our God given Butter and Salt is up to us.  Wouldn't you want to share a little?

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