Monday, November 26, 2012

The Odd Number Conundrum

I'm 33.  Happy Birthday to me.

I woke up this morning to the urgent whine of my dog who wanted out.  At 4am.  Gotta love her and her tiny bladder.  On the way to kennel she rolled in something smelly that I didn't discover until later when she rolled it on the carpet.  I ran a few miles.  Jiggled areas of my body that I didn't know could jiggle, went to lunch, did laundry and folded a few loads I didn't get to last week.  I feel like someone took me for a joy ride tied to the back of a bus.

Basically, it is a typical day.

So...33.  On this momentous occasion, I commemorated with a photo.  It sums up a lot:
To me, this photo says "lack of sleep, two boys on the brink of hormones and teenaged drama, trying to keep ahead of the dishes, laundry and doggy messes."  It also says that I am, "too tired for bullsh#^, no patience for drama and my sympathy levels are running low."

I'm sure I'll perk up for my 34th year. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Dahlin'!

    You look fabulous!

    I hates to tell ya, but the picture you take today that you look at and go "Good heavens, I look like something the cat hacked up!" will be the picture that, in a few short years, you'll look back at and say "Day-um! I didn't look half bad! Had I but known..."

    May your 33rd year on the planet be full of love, grace, wonder, wild crazy writing success, and other things that only serve to underscore your awesomesauce!

    ~ahem~ And now, a little song to commemorate the occasion.

    (To the tune of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic"'s chorus... Or "John Brown's Body." Whichever you choose to call it:)

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!
    Happy, happy, happy birthday!
    Happy, happy, happy birthday
    To you, to you, to you! Hey!

    So, buck up, Lady, or I shall be forced to sing again! :P

  2. I have no words for how much I love this pic and you! You do 33 so proud, my dear. You'll never lose that fab wit and I believe those kids are keeping you young, though they do make us a tad crazy!

  3. Happy belated birthday Alyson.
    You don't look a day over 50!

    Just joking. :)