Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Oh Corbin.  You make my heart sing.

I promised that I would post a little something about each of the characters in Ian Quicksilver and today is the fabulous Corbin. 

Corbin is near and dear to my heart.  Ask me who my favorite character is in my books and I will always answer CORBIN!!  Corbin was a labor of much love.  His blunt honesty and frank ways of speaking make me smile.  Why?  Because Corbin is none other than my husband, Aaron.

There is a reason Aaron has never read my books.  I don’t think he wants to read about himself.  Anyone who knows Aaron and reads Corbin snicker a little bit because I nailed it.  Sometimes I might have a personality figured out in a friend or acquaintance and most of the time I twist reality to fit my literary needs.  Fortunately, I didn’t do that with Corbin.  Aaron as Corbin came out unadulterated onto the page.  It was no surprise either that writing him was the easiest out of all my characters.

So, let me introduce Corbin. 

Corbin is a Bankhir Warrior.  He was exiled to earth for committing treason and trying to kill the magician, Silivus. Ian’s dad, Edrak (King of Bankhir), had mercy on him seeing as Corbin was his favorite nephew and the son of Edrak’s general.  Corbin has blue eyes, buzzed short blonde hair, square jaw and is few on words and even fewer on emotions.  He stands at a towering six foot eight inches and is every inch a warrior.  His entire directive is to find Ian, break the curse and return to Bankhir with full honors.

Corbin is not a rule breaker.  He may bend the rules a bit or flat out ignore them in the face of completing a higher task, but when it comes to tradition, Corbin will toe the line to the exact measure.  He’s been through a LOT.  Unfortunately, not all of it made it into the books.  In fact, he may get his own book.  I’ve got that much dirt on that man!

It took Corbin fifteen years to find Ian, in which he lived a fairly adventurous life on Earth.  He landed in Cairo, Egypt and practically scared the pants off a young Egyptian kid on his way to school.  From Egypt he quickly found himself fighting for the French Foreign Legion with a motley band of US Marines, British Royal Air Force cast offs and one seriously lost Canadian Mounty.  It was through these men that Corbin made his way slowly around the world in search of Ian.

While Corbin may have a gruff exterior, there is more to him than a crusty, battle-hardened warrior.  There is a softer side to him.  He appreciates being married and has been a widower three times.  He has a deep respect for women and harbors a lingering fancy for Ian’s sister, Piper.

There is a lot to Corbin that I have written and had to delete in the process of editing.  The most important thing you should know about him is that Corbin is a deeply layered physical being.  I can’t talk about Corbin without talking about my husband, Aaron.  Aaron is the most generous person you will ever meet.  He will give you the shirt off his back, all the cash in his wallet, and his time on the weekends.  His hugs will crack your spine, but his hands are gentle.  He may speak harshly and I’ve gotten used to his gruff manners, yet there is a core of sincere concern behind the abruptness.  He’ll never lie to you.  In fact, if he sees you doing something stupid or wrong, he’ll tell you straight out without coloring the facts or sparing your feelings.

I also gave Corbin Aaron’s classic glare.  He can pin down a bug with that look and make it beg for mercy.  Neither of them have time for or waste time on excess emotion.  It may sound as if I married and created the worst possible man, but both men are the truest men I have ever had the privilege to meet.  They are trustworthy, brave, smart, faithful, and unwavering to the very end.  In a battle, you’d want Aaron and Corbin on your side.  Fighting against them would be suicidal.

And, because I love my Aaron and his fictional equivalent very much, I gave them the same birthday: August 30th.   Happy Birthday Aaron!  I love you!

Next time: Meet Ian Quicksilver’s doppelganger!

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