Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Write Stuff

Any writer can tell you that when the muse ain't talkin', there ain't no writin'.

My muse is on whisper mode and I am beginning to hate the sucker. Every so often I can put the muse on the treadmill, juice it up with some protein shakes and get some actual junk out of that thing. What does it take? A writing buddy.

Say hello to Britt:

You could say hello, but I guarantee that the only thing you are going to get out of her is a long dry stare and a grumble before she goes back to sleep.

Britt is Diva #1 and she doesn't share her pedestal. She is a lean, mean, lazy machine and if you know what's good for you, you'll leave her to it.

She has one job. To make sure I stay in my office chair and write. If I deviate (*ahem* YouTube) she growls at me. She DOES NOT like to have her sleep disrupted and dogs doing acrobatic hijinks on the web are the WORST! She snores like an old man with the occasional ::WRUF!:: amid paw twitching and sleep running. But mostly she looks like a flattened spotted rug. Like this:

Notice, she still has her "don't bug me, lady" look still on. Frankly, I don't think she has another look. Every time I get out of my chair when her nap hasn't been long enough, I get stuck with another glare. It's like dealing with a thirteen year old girl trapped in her body. Major drama queen.

Of course, I might be exaggerating a little. However, when I go out to feed her in the evening and I don't get that food in her bowl by 4:30 on the dot, I get landed with this beauty of a staredown:

Which screams, "Watch it bub. You know I can take you down."

But for the most part, she is a darn good dog. She licks my toes to get my attention when I've been writing so long I don't notice my bottom going numb. She's good company when I need to bounce ideas off someone. And she doesn't mind that I laugh hysterically at fictional characters I've created, gasp intermittently mid type, or talk to myself like a crazy person having a full on conversation with nobody (it's great to get out dialogue that way).

Thanks Britt! Love your furry face, crusty glare and all.


  1. Any chance I could put Brit on retainer? My muse ain't talking.

    1. LOL! I'll loan her out for a small retainer. :0)

  2. I love Britt. I have my 3 furry muses w/ me at the moment. All snoring audibly. River, the 1/2 Pit is draped so that she is nearly... but not quite... falling off the dog couch. Dog muses are da best! :)