Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Evolution of a Nickname

I've been called a lot of names in my lifetime.

Aly. Al. Algal. A-rod. Shortstuff. Amazing Ali. Roosey. Mom. Pixigirl. Hot mama (for special occasions). Even beeotch. Most of them are obvious renditions of my name or just fit my personality or what is physically obvious (tho hot mamma is stretching things a bit).

Some are not so obvious.

Lately, I have become Steak Sauce. Oh yes. You read that right. I have an A name and when I am in a rush, which is 90% of the time, I sign most everything from post it notes to important e-mails with just plain A. Then I cross my fingers and pray the reader knows who on earth that hideous e-mail was written by. I say that because I have that self same problem. I know a lot of people with A names who sign their writings with straight A's. BLURG!

Follow this...

My e-mails start out formal, stuffy and grammatically correct: Best Wishes, Alyson

Formalities over. I know you better now: Alyson

You made me laugh in your last e-mail: alyson

Starting to write fast cause we exchange a million e-mails a day: Al

I hate the nickname AL and go straight for: A

But realize that you have an A name too: A I

You start to sign your name AII which makes me laugh and in a brief slip of the finger I become : A1

I hear you giggling 1000 miles away when you sign: A2 (gesundheit)

Cool. I can match that: A1 (Steak Sauce)

At this point several months have passed and I slipped from being merely a stuffy "Best Wishes, Alyson" to a beef slinging "Steak Sauce". A2 morphed into Brutus somehow, but I am still a tangy condiment that works well with many different cuts of beef.

I feel the same morphing is happening with my latest book. Started out stuffy. Twenty pages later someone is going to be snorting Steak Sauce and I already know who. Makes my writer fingers tingle with delight!


  1. "Et tu, Brutus?" if said with a certain Midwestern accent would be: "A 2 Brutus?"

    Which, of course, should elicit a "gesundheit" from any well-bred Roman. Just sayin'.

    You know I love ya, Steak Sauce. Even though I'm (mostly) a vegetarian. :D

    1. Now I get it! Wow, talk about slow cookin. Sorry! I will forever cherish your moniker, my dear Brutus!