Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Neighbor Paradox

I live in a fantastic neighborhood.

We're all pretty quiet, we all mind our own business and we are all nice. So really, it is no surprise that my immediate neighbor to the left had some kind words to say when the for sale signs went up. First off she's going to miss us and secondly, she really enjoyed us as neighbors.


For the record, in seven years we have not spent more than a few hours in each others company. They are quiet folks who don't say much or intrude much and they like it that way. Frankly, so do I. I like that I can wave, in the comfort of my car or yard and not feel like I need to tap into some well of chatter I never knew existed in me before.

Who knows. I've never gone over there to find out what I've done to make me the ideal neighbor. Which is interesting, because what does that say about my neighborhood preferences? Upon arrival at my new house, I could bake cookies with a note to take around to my neighbors. It'll read something like this:

Congratulations! You just won the Neighbor Jackpot! We're quite, unobtrusive and keep to ourselves. Want a cup of sugar? We've got it, but if you don't have the time, I'm good with a quick wave as you drive by. Enjoy the rest of your life!

Prefect. I think I like this idea. It'll stop folks from inviting me to Mary Kay, candle, and gourmet food parties.

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