Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Upside to Single-Momdom

I'm trying to keep a positive head while the Hubsters is off getting settled in with his new job in another state. Instead of listing all the things that drive me crazy about being separated (such as having to do the dishes, vacuuming and missing out on totally awesome gossip jam sessions with him), I'm going to list a few things that I am starting to like.

I like that there is now a whole lot of room in my closet for my shoes. Snoring is not bothersome any longer and my boys got the go ahead to pop their friends in the nose if they mention the words "divorce" to them again. The dog is loving being indoors more than before, but there is one big change that I like more than anything else.

Sole possession of the remote control.

I've never cared before and I doubt I will continue to care when our family reunites. I don't watch that much T.V. However, on Sunday nights the primary viewing is of the NFL, NBA, and soccer channels in Spanish (the Hubster's second language is Chinese, so I am still scratching my head over that one). I let him watch without complaint mainly because it makes him happy and he mutes the irritating commercials.

What I didn't know about were the other shows that play during football. For example: Once Upon a Time. Hello! Why didn't anyone clue me in on the awesomeness and sheer cheesiness combined with freaking brilliant writing that is this show??? I love how all the women in the show are written with such color are depth. However, the primary reason I keep coming back is for Prince Charming.

His hotness factor is not the best. There are better looking men out there. What gets to me is that he acts like a decent hero and a normal dude. What girl wouldn't want to have her man fight to the death for their newborn baby, have your love transcend two worlds AND come across as the most top notch, non-douche guy on the planet? What woman wouldn't be swooning? I am!

And the reason? Because Prince Charming gets a bad name. He falls in love based solely on looks alone. Sleeping Beauty anyone? Snow White? Cinderella is my least favorite. The guy gets in less than a word or two to get to know the girl and he's smitten. Of course, to further prove my point I should mention Shrek's Charming:

Along with this smarmy weirdo:

Once's Charming has a long way to fall over the season, but I'm hoping they keep him real. If they need another Charming they can always ask this guy, but I hear he's taken.


  1. I love this show....It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

    1. Love it! We can watch together in spirit.