Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

So, like... it's 2012.


At some point I should sit down and write out a list of resolutions, but I am dragging my feet on it. I already exercise, eat well, and try to be nice (sort of). I need to lose a few pounds, but nothing major. I have really cool neighbors (last year's resolution was to get to know my neighbors better). I love my kids and my hubbsters.

I could use some more sleep.

Or I could... I dunno.

I am drawing a blank. I'd really LOVE LOVE LOVE to get an agent for my latest book and on the track to publishing it. Though, that is not a goal I can complete within a year and seeing as that was my goal I started three years ago, I am still working on it. Last year, I wanted to learn how to make bread. I stink at it and I put out enough brick-like loaves to build a mansion, but I keep it up anyway.


I know! I resolve to make my bed every morning. In fact, I should go do that right now.

Happy New Year!

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