Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Contestant Number Bajillion

I am not one for entering contests. It is the passive, non-competitive part of my personality that keeps me on the down low. I'd rather keep my heart rate at a normal pace and my palms from sweating. How's that for pathetic?

This morning, even though I am sick, still in my bathrobe and half asleep, I decided to allow the quiet and normally dormant aggressive side of me expose its head. Getting in contact with this other side is compelling and I'm not sure I like her/me/it (whatever!).

One of my jolly writer friends has a blog and she is always putting up contests for fledgling authors to enter and be read by big wig agents and interns... or at least the winners do. On a whim, I figured-- what the hell? Why not? It must have been the drugs for my cold talking and my drowsy state that took control because I actually pasted the required text, a description of my latest manuscript and my name (MY NAME!!! GAH!) into the comments section and hit SEND! What is WRONG with me??? I don't do stuff like this!

Well, regardless, it's gone off to cyber space and is long gone beyond retrieval. Eybss (my writer/bloglady friend) will get an eye full of crap and I will be laughed out of the contest. Yay, right? I know how these things go. When I interned for Pande Literary, I was the judge for one of these contests and I have to say that I'd rather be on the judging side than the entree. A lot of unkind snickering went on that I am not proud of. If a writer has the balls to put their work out there, it should be respected, not laughed at. Regardless, I have repented since, but in the echos of my brain I hear the judge of this contest laughing with a derisive snort at my entry.

Let them laugh. I probably wont win, but it was good practice. At least I know how to enter a writing contest! I need 2 doses of Nyquil, little sleep, pre-shower nastiness and zero inhibition. Bring it on!

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