Sunday, October 30, 2011


I hate limbo.

I am in the limbo stage in life. We are facing some massive changes in work, school and home. Fun, right? I am teaching art to the young adults in my church. This, I am definitely looking forward to. However, as I read through my notes (which are scattered, at best) I cannot decide where to begin and where I would like to have these kids grow. I was thinking this was going to be a snap, but I was so epically wrong.

A few weeks ago I started writing a book. I haven't written anything since February and not because of writer's block either. I honestly have not had the time to dedicate to it and now that I do, I have come to a complete plot stall. I hate that. I wrote the beginning and I know the end, but the guts are driving me nuts!!!

I also have four paintings, unfinished, on my desk. Some might laugh at me, wondering why I was unable to finish one before starting another. If I could let them into my brain for an afternoon, it would become crystal clear that paintings don't enter my mind one at a time. They come in multiples of three, five, seven and nine (ooh, look at that! I just used some sneaky artist terminology on you!! Anyone who knows what it means gets a free painting!). Here is taste of what's on my desk:

I'm not sure if you can see it, but the Giraffe has steampunk wings strapped to his back. It's very cool... that is, if I ever finish painting it.

This last one of all the horses and the family crest has been on my desk for five years and counting (embarrassing). I have enough going on right now, that I am spinning my wheels. It's daunting, but I end up doing things like cooking and I really shouldn't do that. I don't need any more smoke damage on the ceiling of my kitchen.

Limbo is a drag.


  1. I totally get it. I have a lot of "projects" that are unfinished and I'll probably start a new one today. One day I'll go back and pick one of them up and finish but just not right now....or tomorrow...

  2. Yay! We can drag through limbo together! It's so much better with a pal.