Friday, June 19, 2015


Ian is past overdue for a much needed break.  The poor dude has been running himself ragged lately with all this book hoopla.  He's got Horbryn to fight, Silivus to defeat, and some serious dating issues.  He's pretty tuckered out.  So, I am going to help him out and take him back to his old stomping grounds where the concept for the Warriors of Banker were birthed.
AND... we're going to have a little fun doing it.
My dear readers, I am going to take a picture of me and Ian on vacation.  If you can identify the city and state we are in, you will get a goodie bag from me.  The person with the most correct answers gets a signed sword and autographed book!!!  Free stuff ROCKS!!
Stay tuned on twitter for the photos.  Follow me @crzywritergrl to post your guesses and the big winner will get a bundle of FREEBIES!!
That's me and Ian in my kitchen.  My starting point before we head out for some fun!

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