Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ian On VACATION!!: Scavenger Hunt

Okay, reader peeps!  We are going to have a bit o fun.  I took Ian back over his old stomping grounds for vacation.  Normally we don't do redo vacations, but this vacation took us through all the hot spots where I gathered intel while creating the concept for Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior's Return.  Seeing as Ian and I had such a blast, I decided to make a game out of it!.  Here are the rules:  I will number each picture and give a hint as to where Ian and I are at.  In the comments, post the number of the picture and your answer.  The groovy reader with the most correct answers gets a signed copy of Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior's Return, swag from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and a $25 gift card to Amazon.com.  Sound good?  GREAT!  Lets get started.

#1.  No hints.  The picture was in a place that is too famous for me to drop hints.  In the rough draft of Ian, this was the place where Corbin tracked down Bob.  I took it out in the second draft and moved the scene closer to Puckerbush.

#2.   This is a dead giveaway because... duh, the sign says it ALL.  However, for extra credit, there are TWO things on the sign that are different in the book.  Figure it out and I'll add chocolate to your goodie bag if you win.  So far there have been a lot of guesses and NO right answers.  Study the sign closely.  Once you know the answer it'll be stinking obvious!

#3.   We stayed at this volcano when I was broadsided in the brain with the concept for the Warriors of Bankhir.  Hint: It erupted in 1914.  For this answer, I want to know WHO took the picture of the Volcano as it was erupting.

#4.  This is the campsite where I got the jolly great Ian idea.  Amazing what can happen while sleeping on cold, hard ground in the early AM hours.  For this answer, name the National Park the volcano is in.

#5.  We all do silly things.  Some of us are a little more daring than others.  Some, just a little more stupid... like stand in the crater of an ACTIVE volcano to get a picture.  I am on the edge of the crater and that hill of black rock behind me is the cinder cone (eruption exit hole).  I'm about 11,000 feet up, the wind was howling and I could see for miles.  For this answer, tell me what other volcano I am pointing at off in the distance.

#6.  Then we decided to hit sea level.  This coast line is one of many I used to create the planet of Bankhir.  I love the Pacific Coast.  Specifically the smell.  As Ian first meets Ari, he gets a flash back of what it felt like on Bankhir.  Sea salt and brine and it's unmistakable.  Hint: this is NOT California.  We traveled North for this photo and the park is famous for its sunsets.

#7.  I have a love/hate relationship with fog.  I love it because it looks very cool.  I hate it because it soaks everything.  This one is harder to figure out, so, if you give a general area, I'll let it pass.  Hint: this photo is about 2 miles south of picture #6 and there were a LOT of sea lions barking out on the rocks.

#8.  You can't go to this particular part of the Pacific Coast and NOT see a lighthouse.  This one isn't in use and it's falling apart, but it's still pretty.  In fact (HINT) the town it is protecting burnt down twice before giving up as a port and ended up being a tourist trap.

#9.  This light house is in use by the Coast Guard.  It was built twice seeing as the first attempt dropped off into the ocean.  Note to self: never build a big hefty lighthouse on a sand dune.

#10.  On the way back, I stopped in on another Volcano.  I either have a death wish, or I have a thing for volcanoes.  It's the latter (in case you were wondering).  I just started writing book #3 and guess what???  There is a volcano in it.  This is a pretty famous volcano and it's flipping HUGE!!  I've seen it in pictures and thought it was just a dinky crater with a pond in it.  Yeeeaaahhh.... nope.  It's ENORMOUS!!  On the edge of the crater there is a sign that reads: Falling may cause injury or death.  Uh... no kidding.

This isn't an Ian shot, but I thought it was pretty.  I took that with my iPhone!

That is all the goods from Ian's little vacation!  It was awfully fun and we had a jolly time.  Ian got a little battered around the edges and I took three showers to get all the dirt off of me, but, all in all, it was a good vacay.   I am thinking I might do it again.  As I finished book #2 and #3, it is plain that I use a ton of vacation locations in the scenery that I write about.

GOOD LUCK!  May the best guesser win!

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