Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hey!  All you moms out there with hormone addled teenagers....  You rock.

Not lying.

I have entered into the land of teenager-ville.  It is a dark place, folks.  The culprit?  I am the parent.  Need I say more?  The morning began with a trip to the barber shop.  Grumble grumble.  Heaven forbid the kid looks owned.  Then we went shopping where said grumble kid accidentally kicked the crutches out from under me.  I fell, splattering to the cement, which didn't help his mood.  He helped me to my feet, reminding me that this was soooo embarrassing.  Yeah, I totally fell on my backside just to mortify my kid.  On purpose no less.

Then he had to push the grocery cart for me.

Then I got pulled over.  ("A cop, mom??  Seriously!  Can't you drive normal???")

Then we couldn't find a dog he liked at the Humane Society.

Then I made him do homework.

And practice the piano.

...and shower (WHERE IS THE LOVE?!?!?!)

And the epitome of worst things ever to happen to the kid? I insisted on giving him a good night hug, like I've done since the very first day of his life.

I sat on the edge of his bed, tired, like I've never felt so bone weary before.  I asked him to cut me some slack.  At least until my foot heals up, then he can go right back to teenager-ville where they all binge on snark like it's candy.

His answer?

"Puberty is a beast, mom."

Yeah, tell me about it.

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