Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Latest Addition and Poo Colored Karma

I have the worst luck.  I figure my lack of good karma will be funny after I die.

But we'll get back to that in a minute.  I have a brand new family member!!  Say howdy to Marvin!

Marvin is a pound hound (my very favorite kind of dog) and we rescued him from a local shelter.  He's a five year old Miniature Pincer (on the right).  He's a little off for a Min Pin.  He's got these funky long legs and super long tail.  Marv came to us a little underweight and lonely, but he is a good chap.

My son is trying to get Brit (white doggie on the left) to make peace with the new guy.  It must have worked because growling has diminished significantly.  That kid is amazing!

Despite the fun addition, life is back to normal.  Crutches turned into the Flu that turned into two ER visits.  Apparently when your kid hands you a pocket knife and asks you to shut it... don't shut it.  That sucker snapped closed with my finger in between it.

I said it was fine.  But the HUBBY said I needed to go get it checked out.  I still think his head is full of cotton swabs, hydrogen peroxide fizz and boogers.  The doc took one look, declared it stichable and it was all down hill from there.  Then out came the needles!!!  I got jabbed in the hand, jabbed in the finger repeatedly and jabbed in the arm (dang tetanus shots!!).  It was a jolly mass of fun.

All in all, it was a weekend I don't ever want to repeat.

ESPECIALLY since I had this magical writer breakthrough that was mind-blowing and awesome.  I can't wait to put it down on the page....  in a couple days when I can actually USE my hand to write.  Typing with one hand is just super duper.

I do love the hubs though despite this unfortunate turn of events.  He does the dishes.

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