Monday, April 8, 2013

It's the little things

Good food makes a person happy.  It's common knowledge.  No brainer stuff, but when you are on a diet restriction, certain foods make me do weird things.

Like chicken stock.

I love cooking with the stuff, but regular stock is LOADED with sodium.  The absence in my food is proving difficult on may taste buds.  I've been searching around for a good low sodium version.  So when I went to the store and actually found a good low-sodium stock I nearly scared the bajeezes out of the old dame standing next to me with my yelp of triumph.  My mashed potatoes and chicken noodle soup are saved!

My other happiness?  Sautéed fresh salsa and noodles.  I know that sounds odd, but fry up a little onion, garlic, chive, corn, and mushroom with a fat ripe tomato in olive oil (sprinkle with italian seasoning) and it's like eating a perfect summer day topped with sunshine.  The great part is that the sodium content is near nil and I can eat as much of it as I want.  Now THAT is sheer happiness.

Meniere's Disease Survival Tip: Buy a high quality memory foam or TempurPedic pillow.  Does wonders for relieving the feeling of pressure on your head while you sleep and ease Meniere's headaches, which can be unbearable.


  1. Hi, as a fellow regular in the kitchen, I too have found it difficult to adjust not only simple eating habits, but adjusting recipes as well. What brand was the low sodium stock you found? I have been using Swanson's or any other readily available one and adding my own spices to bring up the flavor.


    1. The brand is: Pacific Natural Foods and it is an organic free range, low sodium chicken broth. It has only 3% sodium which even Whole Foods brands can't get close to. The lowest Whole Foods gets is 5%! I also make my own stock. Jaques Pepin (easy to find on a google search) has the BEST recipe for low sodium stock (he does add minimal salt and soy sauce, but I leave those out and still get excellent flavor).