Monday, February 4, 2013

Feeling the Need

I don't usually rant on my blog, but I sure as heck am going to rant today.  This morning I am feeling a little over-exposed.  This is a rare occasion because, let's face it, I am too busy for things like TV.  There just aren't enough hours in one day.  However, in a super short moment in time, I got more out of three and a half hours of TV than I needed in an entire life time... and in turn, so did my sons.

Let's start with the super bowl.  The game, in my eyes, didn't get exciting until the lights blew and that was when the 49ers decided to show up and play a little ball.  Before that, it was just the commercials that kept me from snoring.  The commercials were great and I usually don't give much thought to them until I found myself watching with two little boys and coming to the frank realization that the commercials were over-sexed, over-violent and were over-exposing my children.  When the Carls Jr ad popped up and the swimsuit model pops off her top while chowing down, I had my hands clamped over their eyes and my jaw dropped to the floor.  Over a HAMBURGER AD!!!  I found myself doing the same for the Go Daddy ads and had to explain the birds and the bees to them after the Hyundai ad where the little boy in the car wants to know where babies come from.  THESE ARE COMMERCIALS!!!  Their purpose is to make you want to buy their stuff not make you squirm in discomfort.

Then came the half time show.

I'm sure there are a load of Beyonce fans out there that will rip on me for being a prude, but she did some moves on the stage, in freaking public, that I reserve for my hubby behind closed doors.  Besides blushing all shades of red, I shut it off.  Frankly speaking, it was too much.  We ended the night all feeling a little sick to our stomachs and it had nothing to do with how much chips and dip we ate or the sad loss of the 49ers.

This morning, I switched on one of my favorite shows while I was working out.  I am a fan of Elementary mainly because I like the deductions, the reasoning and the platonic and yet equally interesting relationship between Holmes and Watson.  This episode was full of gristly murders, hookers and sexually loaded dialogue.  I lasted ten minutes and I turned it off.

If there is a point when a woman has had to much, I have come to that point.  My brain has hit its limit.  Do I care what a network decides to put on TV?  No.  Will I lobby to have them remove it?  Probably not.  But I will turn it off.  Nobody is making me watch this crap and so I won't.  Besides, my brain needs the break.

In the meantime... I feel like a good book.

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