Monday, January 21, 2013

Of Things Reformed

I really hate new year's resolutions.  They are all the same.  Lose weight.  Be happier.  Get out more.  Eat Healthier.  Blah bla blah.  First off, that extra ten pounds I've packed on since my son was born ain't going nowhere, I eat plenty healthy, and I laugh at things I'm not supposed to.

My goal for the new year?  Get the laundry done on the day I started it.

I don't know why I hate laundry so bad.  It's a combination of lost socks, shrunken sweaters and mounds of incongruitous smells that never diminishes.  That and the fact that my laundry room is really cold and my clothes have to be chipped out of the washer barrel because they freeze to it in one solid mass.  Brr!  So, really... laundry it is.

My single most successful resolution was made when I was fifteen and a freshman in high school.  One of my teachers took me aside after one supernaturally bad day and told me that if I smiled at myself in the mirror every morning, I would change forever.  I thought he was off his rocker, but I gave it a shot.  The very next morning, I got ready, tried to pretty up my plain self and flashed myself a dashing smile in the bathroom mirror.

I'm not going to say that it instantly worked.  I wasn't impressed, had a change of heart or felt that my self esteem was boosted, but for five seconds, I felt pretty.  And when you are a Plain Jane like me, that is a big deal.  I've been doing mirror exercises for twenty two years.  Sometimes the grin is forced or mildly sarcastic and I even cried a few times through it, but I do it.  Why?

Aren't I worth it?

Aren't we all worth it?

Wanna know what my feisty grin looked like this morning?  It was a good one...

And for the record, I have laundry to do.  UGH!