Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stress and Craptastic Characters

So, I have a book to write that I have not written.  There is no excuse for WHY I haven't gotten going on it.  All I have to say is that when I get stressed, I kind of go nuts.  I end up doing stuff like redecorate my entire house.  I'm not saying it is smart, but I really hated my front entranceway.  Mainly because it looked like this:

Yeah.  That orange, brown and green combo was gross.

I got painting and ended up with a nice calming grey and green.  I liked the outcome, even though christmas decorations clash a little with it.

Then, I turned around and got a good look at my living room.  And you know how it is...  Once you start in one area, you have to do another and another, until it snowballs into a big expensive mess.  The front entranceway came out so nice I had to do more.  Mainly because it looked barfy, like this:

That black trim was so drearie and the walls were this vomitous spice cake tan color.  It HAD to go.

It ended up looking like this:

And THEN.... because I was hopped up on paint fumes and had completely lost my mind, I thought that I couldn't finish off the entranceway and the living room without doing the kitchen.  Lack of brain cells and the remaining ones being fried is my only explanation as to WHY I ended up paining part of my kitchen purple.

However, now that it is finished, the purple is growing on me and I am liking it.  Though, I need to finish decorating it

Once I was finished, I figured it was time to sit down and write on that novel.  Then this happened:

Oh, the infamous head cold.  I tried to write while sick.  Let me tell you how great that has been going.  Three chapters and 50 pages in, I realized that my main character was heartless, annoying and really REALLY air-headed.  I hate her.  She drives me nuts and I want to reach through the page and give her a good slap.

So, after a day of fogged thinking about it, I trashed the three chapters and will be starting again.


Or the day after.

Whenever, I can breathe again.  Then, I will kick butt on this writing thing and Maggie (my fantastic main character) will be super awesome and lovable.  Now off for tea, tissue and a nap.


  1. A cold has kicked my butt too. I'm hoping to start writing again today, if I can think clearly.

    Hope you feel better. The house looks amazing!

  2. Typed comment...then promptly lost it! it! Looks gorgeous. You are an awesome decorator, among other things. Hope the cold is better. *hands tissues* xoxo