Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Whatever That Was

As the holidays close in and the year winds down, I think to myself... Why am I running a sick ward?

Convalesce: the art of recovery.

The hubby moans, coughs out a lung and looks like death on one couch while on the other, my two sons huddle together, ears aching and fevers raging.  It's a very sad scene even though I take on the Florence Nightingale role of heroine in administering to their medical needs.  A lot of things were supposed to happen this last week and never did because of this aforementioned illness.  An epic birthday party was supposed to go down (oldest son just turned 11 and was hit with an ear infection on his special day).  The world was supposed to end (it didn't).  We were supposed to go see the lights in downtown, have a christmas party, give fun and completely pointless gifts to the neighbors (yeah, not happening).

And yet, I can't complain.

The bright side of running a sick ward is that I have my entire family all to myself.  No running around like crazy trying to get a million things done.  We googled Christmas light shows on YouTube while sipping hot herbal tea.  We've watched movies, listened to Christmas songs and just lazed around.  It's like heaven in a big boogery nose and germ infested sort of way.

Everyone else may be miserable, but if that is what it takes to get the family together for the holidays, then, I'll take it!

Merry (achoo!) Christmas, folks!

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