Sunday, February 26, 2012

The _______ of Doom

At my house we have a Box of Doom. We dubbed it Doom because in this box goes everything we can't get rid of, but would rather ignore. Insurance surveys, overdue notices that were sent after I paid, credit card statements, receipts... you get the picture. Anything I don't want to deal with goes in the box.

Lately, I've been stuffing it full of notes from school asking for volunteers for school parties. I hate those parties. They are over-saturated with moms who go to chit chat with other moms and let the hermit-like moms (such as myself) do the dirty work. But I feel guilty just chucking it straight into the trash, so into the Box of Doom it goes.

A lot of odds and ends get chucked into the B.O.D. Legos, action figures, half drawn pictures... basically anything that needed to be cleared off the table before dinnertime and my boys were to lazy to take all the way into the playroom gets an overnight stay in B.O.D. land. My first response to a plea for a missing object is to check the Box.

I have other Dooms. In my studio, I have four Drawers of Doom that I can't open anymore. I have a Bathroom Cupboard of Doom. Why I have to save the box my face wash came in and a busted makeup compact is beyond me. But, into the cupboard it goes. Out of sight, out of mind. I didn't realize that I have an Under the Bed of Doom until yesterday. After unearthing two heating pads, Harry Potter books 3, 6, and 7, running shoes, and a hand-full of pens and notebook paper, I'm starting to think this Doom thing is becoming a problem.

I should be cleaning out all my Dooms. I know I have a box of trash bags somewhere out in my Supreme Garage of Doom. The Supreme Garage should have a black hole named after it. I don't want to know half of all the things that have gravitated into that place. All I know is that there used to be two car spaces and now there is one. It's a tight fit for my car. I'm sure once I find the trash bags, I'll discover the trash can (I can smell it, but I haven't found it yet) and once it's found, I'll have a gut out my house party.

Then again... Did I tell you that I suffer from Procrastination of Doom? I didn't? Oh well, I'll do it tomorrow.


  1. Oh, my God! I have one big Doom box. In the office here and it's yelling at me. I guess I should deal with it.

    1. I envy organized people. It makes me want to throw my Box of Doom at them! :0)