Monday, October 3, 2011

Motherhood Monday: The conundrum of a part time empty nester

Mondays suck. Nuf said.

On Mondays there is a towering pile of laundry, a few loads of dishes, a dirty house to be cleaned and an errant LEGO to cuss at after tripping over it in the dark. As much as I don't like any of the above mentioned, I don't like Mondays because after 8:30 am, the house takes on an eerie unnerving silence to where my ears may pop from the all pervading quiet. Sounds a bit creepy right? And no... I do not live in a remodeled funeral home (though that would be kind of cool).

Weekends rock.

I am the proud momma of two voraciously active sons and over the weekends there are soccer games, chores, friends over to play, screaming, Indian war cries, running and all forms of mayhem. It. Is. AWESOME! My better half (aka, the Husband) is around to toss the football, clean (no you did not read that incorrectly... the man is a clean freak), and is good for a smooch during football commercial breaks. There's yard work and barbeques and church. In a nutshell, it is the best two days of the week.

Then Monday hits. My boys are in 2nd and 4th grade and once I drop them off at school, the house becomes a tomb. I have plenty to keep me occupied. My house is a mess, but I am experiencing post-weekend depression.

During the Summer, I was asked by my dreamy-eyed younger friends who so desperately wish to have two seconds to take a nap after dealing with their babies all day, what on earth I was going to do with all that TIME now that my boys were in school? Oh, I had plans! I was going to paint, hone my piano skills and write another novel or two. I had lofty aspirations of baking gourmet after-school snacks for my boys and keeping up with the laundry long before running out of clean underwear. These were all good ideas, but there is no substitute for mischievous little boy laughter to keep a mom motivated and on her toes.

So, seeing as my boys would mutiny if I home schooled, I am kicking my own bottom. I jump stared this blog to take account of my misadventures and bringing you all along for the ride. Stay tuned for food, fun, a crazy dog and a load of nonsense!


  1. Hi Alyson! Welcome back to the Light Side (aka, the online world)

  2. Dear, you knew I'd jump right over here! I'm so glad to see you back on my screen:) Yes, it's crazy for me too. I'm right there with you. But, all good in its craziness with much more to come! xoxo

  3. Too true Michele, my dear. I am so glad you came by! It's like a reunion of old and very dear friends.