Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And the Award goes to.....

Me. Which is really kind of weird.

Those who read my blog when I was the Crazy Writer Girl have long memories! I was awarded the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD yesterday after a scant 12 hours up and running with my first post. While this is awfully kind, I was left scratching my head. I was sure I ranted way too much on the evils of a poorly written query letter and the irritation of excessive adverb usage to be of any interest to anybody. In fact, I still cringe when I read those old posts because I lingered on the fence between kindly meant snark and all out rudeness. Nobody likes a crabby lady!

Regardless, I thank Ami Hendrickson (author of museinks blog) for the honor and her kindness in remembering my old blog (even though I think it is a sugar coated ploy to keep me online ;0)!). I will strive to make Dirty Green Jello just as successful!

So, as go the rules of blog awarding, I will list seven things about myself you really don't want to know and then nominate five fantastic blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award.

1: I am a born and bred, true blue, dyed in the wool Mormon. This might not be news to anybody, but it should be written regardless. Want to know more? Check it out HERE!

2: I color coordinate my dishes. I have rainbow colored plastic dishes from my son's younger years and I have issue with them being out of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple order. The artist with in me will mix up the colors every so often, but they always match. Nusto!

3: I grew up in an old bomb shelter with a polygamist home built on top of it. No, my parents are not polygamists and never will be (and they aren't crazy either), but there were 8 of us kids and it was the only house with enough bedrooms for all of us. It was a cold upbringing in that frigid cement pit!

4: I love horses. I had a few horses when I was a teenager and some of the best moments in my life were spent on the back of a horse. I love cows too, which sounds too redneck to admit, but there ya go!

5: Italian food and Sushi are my Kryptonite. I feel like a zombie, but instead of craving human flesh you can hear my drool garbled "Suuuushi. Neeeeed suuuuushi." Crap now I am hungry. Guess I know what's for lunch!

6: I love to fish. Not just, gosh-that-is-interesting kind of fish, but all out makes-me-giggle-with-glee kind of love to fish. I went fishing up in Alaska this summer and it was AWESOME!!!

7: My boys and husband are the center of my world. They make me laugh. My sons give me spontaneous hugs with the intent to squeeze out my eyeball jelly, but it is worth it (even sans eyeball jelly!).

Okay that is all I've got for today. Here are some blogs I check daily and think are worth the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD.

1: She Calls Me Mama Leisha is a side splitting favorite. Not only is Aleisha a fantastic writer, she is entertaining and incredibly smart. Check it out here http://callmemamaleisha.blogspot.com/

2: 29 Not Dead, But Dying is written by my favorite Mexican chica Christina Martinez. She is all things good food and noir awesomeness. I get her dark side which can be fantastically creepy in the best way. Check her out here http://29notdeadbutdying.blogspot.com/

3: The Fairy and The Pumpkin is written by Ingrid Thomas who is in one word AMAZING! Her food making skills and all around creative genius is awe inspiring. She is like a latina Martha Stewart (though much sweeter, kinder and fun to have tea with)! Her blog is a must see. Check is out here http://thefairyandthepumpkin.typepad.com/the-fairy-the-pumpkin/

4: Michele Shaw Blog is one of my jolly writer friends. She is well on her way to becoming published (I have read her first pre published book and it was gripping!) and I think her writing is inspired genius. If you scroll through her posts she has a bone chilling opener to a horror story that is well worthy of a read. Her power of prose is scintillating! Check her out here http://micheleshaw.blogspot.com/

5: Becoming Versed is written by the lovely and oh so sweet Lissa Erb. Her writing is poetic as she talks about the little and big things in her life. It is a very lovely little blog and I visit it daily. Check her out here http://www.becomingversed.com/

Well, that is about all I have for today. Tomorrow will be a What's Cookin' Wednesday and seeing as I burn a lot of things, my first posting for food will be interesting. I never know what will come out of my oven next, but it's not edible!


  1. yay! Congratulations on your award! Your committment to writing and your lovely personality earned you that!
    and thanks for mentioning me!! I'm so excited!

  2. You're welcome, Ingrid! Have a lovely day!

  3. Ok, the whole polygamist thing could totally make a great book!

    Of course you got an award, we all remember how awesome you are. I missed YOU!!!! Are you gonna get another twitter account?

  4. Well... I am taking on one thing at a time. I might reopen twitter in a few months.

    I missed you too, empress. :0)

  5. Thank you, AP! Such kind words for me. It's so nice to be reminded that someone believes in me. Of course you are remembered! Your blog posts ranged from side-splitting to extremely helpful. All the best, my dear:) xo

  6. Michele, you're welcome and warm thanks my dear. Your book needs to sell so I can have it autographed and on my table to brag about!

  7. Thanks for the super cool award! Now I have a blog topic for the day! Only you could have a blog for a day and get an award, you are amazing! Keep it up.

  8. So glad I could help you out Raven. I live to serve thee, my Noir Queen!