Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jack-Ass Syndrome

I am not a fan of the Jack Ass Syndrome and I am a firm believer that this disease starts at home. Never in my life did I think that I would raise two little boys with JAS, but apparently I was wrong on a few points.

I don't know about you folks, but I think the gals who like the "bad boys" who treat them like crud need to get their heads checked. No woman should allow a man to make her feel less than what she really is. It is a daily chore to keep my boys from catching on to the female bashing that the world so loves to exploit. We need bigger boobs, blonder hair, and thinner waist lines. It's pushed on my sons at school, at friend's houses and in the grocery store and the only sanctuary left is my home. Differentiating between humorous puns and all out female defacement has become murky and it's a tough line to draw between what's permissible.

That being said... My boys have hit a tough age where they are being exposed to the rougher side of school. Boys are becoming interested in girls, cussing is no longer punished, and girl bashing has become the new en vogue topic of chatter. Combating it is my own issue, having it flung at me is another matter entirely. I'm not going to repeat what my boys commented to me after I went to get my hair done today. It wasn't nice. However, as a mom and on the front lines of curing the dreaded JAS, maybe I should do a review:

1. If your son bashes women, only judging them for what they look like on the outside, tearing apart the female appearance, you might have a Jack Ass.

2. If he laughs at crude jokes debasing females whether it be their intelligence or what their bodies can offer, you might have a Jack Ass.

3. If he insists he is smarter/faster/braver/whatever than a female, you might have a Jack Ass.

4. If your son is verbally abusive to you or any other female, you might have a Jack Ass.

5. If your son mimics your husband's Jack Ass Syndrome... forget it, you just gave birth to a Jack Ass.

What has happened to our sons? Get off your butts, women! Be that woman who deserves to be treated like a million bucks. Be smart, be true, and stand tall. Be the woman your sons would be proud to admit you're female and awesome. And be that woman who stops the Jack Ass before it starts!

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