Friday, May 1, 2015

The Real Deal: My book in the Flesh and Paper

It came.
IMG_0586I can quite describe what it feels like to hold my very own book in my hands. It really is like the first time the nurse plunked my newborn son into my arms.  Okay, maybe not THAT awesome, but it comes pretty darn close.  Regardless, if my smile looks a little tense in the picture, it is because I had to stop crying first to take the picture.  Apparently, I am an emotional chic.
But the book is here and all I can think about is... crap, what am I going to write next?  Ian, Ari and Corbin have so many adventures to embark on, I hardly know where to start.  It is truly exciting.  And to think, it all started with Ian getting flushed across the galaxy a massive obsidian toilet.
Need a sneak peek?  Here is the book opener to wet your reading whistles:

First memories are dangerous things.  I can remember all sorts of stuff down to the slightest detail.  My memory is that good.  But the memory I would love to forget is the one where I got flushed down a massive obsidian cosmic toilet.  Go Figure.
There was this huge, roundish black basin filled with swirling who-knows-what that looked like sparkling star sludge.  How, exactly, a toilet could be filled with weird universe goo was beyond me, but I was dangling over it.  The dangling part was fine.  It was the getting flushed part that sucked.

For more information on my book head on over to:

See you soon!

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