Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Move over June Cleaver!

There is a new skirt in town.

Oh all the things a girl can do in a dress these days.  I have to say, I've gone back in time when skirts and dresses were mandatory.  I've decided they are more comfortable and frankly, I can do pretty much everything I used to do wearing pants.  Such as today when I was gardening.  I have a gorgeous yard.  It looks like this:

Weeding it takes mountain climbing skills.  But I love it.  Every second of it.  I tie on my apron, snap on gardening gloves and weed and pluck to my heart's content.  My neighbor affectionately calls me June Cleaver, but I'm not as crazy as her.  I don't wear heels while I work!

Anyway, that's what I do when I have free time.  I've been spin free going on two months now and while the severe vertigo is on pause, I have discovered that cooking food without salt has my family up in arms.  This, however, is not discouraging.  It's an opportunity to be creative.  For example: mashed potatoes (forewarning I am no chef.  I cook with what I've got and I never measure anything.  I cook to taste, not for exactness).

Mama's Lemony Mashed Potatoes

Fill a pot with scrubbed and diced Idaho spuds (boil til soft)
Sour cream
unsalted butter
Mrs Dash Original blend spices (salt free)
Fresh squeezed lemon (half a lemon is plenty)

So, I've got a big pot of potatoes and I slosh in the milk and sour cream and butter and mix it up with beaters until it's good and mashed.  Then I toss in some seasonings until it tastes like something more than bland smooshed potatoes.  Once that is done, I squeeze the bajeebees out of the lemon and add the juice and a little lemon zest (grated peelings) into the mix and slop it all together.

90% of the time I cross my fingers and hope my sons eat it without complaint.  Frankly, I don't give a hoot if they sprinkle salt on their food if they want, but the complaining gets under my skin a bit.  This concoction was a home run.  Not only did they not complain, they snarfed it and didn't add salt to it.  Big win for the low sodium mama cook!

Direct quote from my youngest son about my cooking skills:  Mom, you aren't a bad cook.  It's just when you cook and it doesn't taste good.

Ah, thanks kido!  Thanks for the raving reviews.

Meniere's Tip of the Day:  Make fun of yourself.  Life is too short to mope about your rare disease.  Get up and laugh a little.

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