Monday, December 5, 2011

The Mobile GYM Membership

Today as I stood at the door with my running shoes on and the dog on a leash. With the wind blowing the trees and particles of ice around I had a moment to think, "what the hell am I doing!" Other such phrases were passing through my brain along the lines of crazy, insane and out of my freaking mind.

This morning was frosty. Wind here in the central states is lazy. Like a tornado, why bother to go around when you can shoot straight through a person? Add a biting chill and the possibility of freezing rain and ice and you have my morning. Again, I ask myself... what the hell am I doing???

For the cost of upkeep on my dog, I could get a pretty decent membership at the local GYM and do my running in a centrally heated building where everything smells of sweat and feet. I could catch up on morning news and laugh throatily with Al Roker, Matt Lauer and the morning crew on TV. I could be showered and out the door by the time my kids get out of bed and it would be lovely, but I don't do it.

Instead, I pile on layers, feed the dog and talk to myself like a crazy person. I say lame stuff like... "you can do this, you are the bomb. It's just lungs. Who needs lungs? After a few mornings of freezing air, lungs will be an afterthought." I know it sounds really stupid and it never works. The other side of my brain tells the talking side to shut up and go back to bed already where it is warm.

And yet I ran. The only excuse I can see working in my defense here is that there is a distinct possibility that the cold numbed my better judgement and killed brain cells. The other reason is Britt. I can't deny her the run. She lives for it, no matter what the weather is out and I won't squash that out of her. She is my GYM membership, paid in flea and tick meds, dog food, vet check-ups and treats.

I hope I thaw out today in time to thank her for it.

Check it out! I'm not the only crazy one. Though, I'd never strip off to run, not even if I was paid.


  1. Great post, MP. However, I do have to disapprove of this picture. It wrong:P Had a great laugh though.

  2. Hey, Alyson! Someone on Twitter pointed me here. I didn't know you had a blog up again. *hugs*

    Running is so good for us creative types... even if our lungs hate it and want to kill us. ; )

    It's good to see you again.

  3. WENDY!!! Oh my goodness, it's so good to hear from you again! I'm am back on line and glad that people are slowly finding me again (and me finding them too). I hope you are well and stay in touch. I want to hear if you got an agent!

    Thanks Sirra. Oddly enough when I saw it, I thought of you and then I had to scrub out my eyeballs! Love you my Goddess!