Thursday, November 17, 2011

Buckshot Therapy

Today I was supposed to post about Heat Wave for my online book group, Book Hungry. I was unable to write the post due to some very pressing and important matters. The emergency was unavoidable. Definitely life or death.

When I should have been studiously writing about all the reasons why I was disappointed in the book HEAT WAVE, I was out on a gun range. See? Life and death decisions here!

I have a fabulous friend, Lissa. Lissa and I hang out and this usually entails a lot of talking, laughing and eating. It. Is. Fabulous. She and I have some unresolved issues (not with each other, but general stuff that can piss a woman off) and we felt the need to go blast the hell out of sporting clays.

Insert *Evil Chuckle* here.

Why is it so satisfying to shoot a shotgun? The kick kills my shoulder and it gets expensive with the gun rental and ammo, but it feels so dang good. Being in control of such power, pulling the trigger and obliterating a small defenseless clay disk. Sigh! It's nirvana. Shooting with Lissa is even better because we both break out the crazy-lady-cackle like we just visualized the piss-off moment and shot the crap out of it.

I am still in a stupor of bliss. I swear the moment my shoulder bruise disappears, I'm going again. Enjoy the photo of me in my "moment". I get a solid ten for pulling off the Jack Nicholson look of crazed insanity.


  1. mr mr. keeps bringing me in our different shooting related paraphernalia and proudle describing them all: rifle, shooting glasses that are yellow, shooting vest that has padded front of shoulders (you should look in to one of those)and a lined pocket in the back of the vest to put your dead birds in, another pair of glasses, and some awesome gloves.

    He has decided that the rifle we used today is way nicer than our own and that when I decide to, he knows just who to contact for my conceal and carry lessons/ license and that it will be fun when I decide to take up golf, then we'll have lots to talk about and then we can do scouts together and both wear matching shorts.

    Oh, man.
    Sure had fun today.
    And after tonight, we might need to go again soon!

  2. That is HILARIOUS!!! Aaron is considering getting me my own semi automatic like the one we used today. Funny the things that make our hubbys so proud!

    I need that padded vest. I think I lost feeling in my right arm!

  3. You're always welcome to come with us! It's a load of fun!!!