Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall and Break

I love this guy.

Mayhem is central to my existence. I feel like I have this special bond with the current Allstate mascot. We've never actually met, but if we did, it would be love at first sight.

Why? So glad you asked.

Mayhem is motherhood and mothering all boys is Mayhem times ten. It's bad enough that I still have an unresolved plumbing situation in my laundry room, my very expensive vacuum has busted, the house is a mess, laundry, dishes, job interviews, hubby out of town, insomnia, doctor appointments, teaching an art class I haven't preped for... Hang on I need to take a breather. The crowing jewel to "life" is that it is Fall Break and the boys are home from school. Mayhem just got loud and jacked up on a sugar high. Awesome.

I'm loving it. The dog is barking joyously midst Lego sound effects, yelling, footballs crashing off walls and windows, and little feet thundering about the house. It is music to my ears. It means there is no homework to slog through, no responsibly getting to school on time, and no immediate plans or schedule to follow.

Ah, Mayhem. You are my soul mate.

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