Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The UNSAID Book Review

The UNSAID by Aaron Blaylock

I usually don’t post book reviews on my blogs.  I’m not a book reviewer.  My life is insanely busy and reading for enjoyment is for weekends and airport delays.  I’m a mom and life is crazy and free time (snerk) is scarce.  Which also means that if the first five pages don’t grip my interest and hold me, I usually put down the book and never pick it up again.

So in saying that, you can imagine that The UNSAID is already pretty awesome.  After my trial five pages, I HAD TO FINISH IT.  Cooking, cleaning, and communicating all got shoved aside as I devoured this book.  First of all, the fact that Maggie is a heavenly recorder of every thought and feeling that her charge, Eric, has pretty much made me freak out.  I found myself apologizing for every mean, stupid, insipid thought I’ve ever had and hoped my mental recorder was listening.

Maggie is charged with only being a recorder.  No matter how sarcastic Eric’s thoughts get or how involved she gets in his life, she is forbidden to interfere.  For me, this was fabulous.  There were many instances where I laughed out loud, gasped and yelled at Eric right along with Maggie.

So, when Maggie finds out that Eric’s love interest is going forward with suicide, Maggie does the unthinkable.  She takes control of Eric’s mind.  The consequences are hilarious and heart breaking.  I loved every second of it!

I’m not going to tell you what happens because you’ve got to go and read it yourself to find out what happens.  The book is beautiful.  Which reminds me that I need to hunt Blaylock down and have him sign my copy.

By Aaron Blaylock

5/5 stars

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